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In the heart of the Corbières, a territory devoted to the vine, the commune of Douzens has seen the birth of a canning factory of territorial renown.

Originally, a family of butchers whose grandfather Paul, a butcher by trade, produced all kinds of charcuterie in his back shop, including pâté en terrine baked in the oven.

In 1943, his son René, then 20 years old, took over the butchery.

In 1966 he quit the butcher shop to devote himself solely to canned pâté.

In 1978 the cannery moved into a former 500m² garage.

For a quarter of a century, his daughter Colette and her companion José have taken up the torch and ensured the continuity of the company.

The original recipe has remained unchanged for all these years.

Thanks to the know-how and the quality put into their work, their preserves are known and recognized throughout Occitania and even beyond.

In 2021, granting themselves a well-deserved retirement, they leave the business to two buyers, Damien and Nicolas who perpetuate this essential recipe.


Cite Jean Jaures, 11700 Douzens, France


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